Web Services

ExecuSoft has been in the web business since 1995. We provide you with all of the following tools and services to make your business have a powerful web presence:

Domain Registration

We will assist customers in finding and registering domain names. We will not charge a fee for registration of new domains. ESC will charge a minimum of $200.00 for transfer domains from other ISP.  The most important part of a successful web presence is picking your web address name. Make sure you call us before your register a name so we can give you some good advice.

Web Hosting

ExecuSoft provides hosting on Windows 2008 R2 Servers running IIS 7. Our servers support FTP, HTML, PHP and MySQL, ASP, CGI and many other scripting options. We will also offer custom server configuration, as well as, offering co-location services. Cost for web hosting is $30.00 for simple billboard informational web site and up to $295.00 per month for co-locating a server in our facilities.

Email Services

We also provide email for customers that are currently hosting their Web Sites with ExecuSoft free of charge. We also provide remote management of email account creation and deletion if needed. Our email service include built in Anti Spam filtering which can be tailored to your needs.

Web Design and Development

We meet with you during the design stage in order to discuss the layout and functionality of your web site. Once the specifications have been decided, a timetable is set for development.  We then work together to build the site and provide you with regular updates and milestones as the site is built. Development costs depend on the complexity and functionalities of the web site, although we can design a simple billboard web site for as little as $500.00.

E-Commerce Online Store Solutions

ESC offers e-commerce online stores that include secure online credit card transactions, easy user interface, and full remote merchant administration, including tracking of all sales orders & customers. In addition, the administrator of the website has the ability to remotely update/change all products, pictures, pricing, or specials anytime via the Web. These websites start around $2500.00 without any custom development, although this is not normally needed.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the crucial component any web site, yet it is often overlooked. We help you develop and implement an effective Internet marketing plan which will increase your traffic by making your site easy to find. Search engine submissions, tracking analysis, affiliated relationships, banner ad exchanges, purchasing of banner ad space on other high-traffic sites, and proactive e-mail & newsletter technology are just a few tools which will increase your web traffic and sales to your e-commerce site. The result of the marketing plan is a well-rounded attack into getting your website opened for business. Such services are billed by the hour.