ExecuSoft Controls has been offering best in class IT solutions to businesses for nearly 25 years.  The success of local businesses has been a consistent driving principal from the start, and the reason businesses continue to excel today.  Knowledge and experience are paramount in making computer hardware and software decisions.  Your business can benefit from our knowledge and experience time and time again.  If you'd like to hear the advantages of outsourcing your IT department to ExecuSoft Controls, check out what some of our customers have to say:

“I was hired as General Manager at Speedway Ford. I realized that we had serious computer issues. The network was unstable and it got to the point where we could not order parts for our service department. We had to call another dealership and give them the order so they could order it on our behalf. We called the company that installed the equipment 2 years earlier but they did not want to help because they were mad with the previous manager. We called the local computer company that had been servicing our computers, and after a week of trying different things they could not help us. Next we called a company that specializes on dealerships and they tried and could not figure out our problem. After being down for two and half weeks, I said to my management team ”It’s time to call Costas!”   I called Costas at ExecuSoft Controls Inc. because I knew him when I worked at Don Jackson Lincoln Mercury. He helped with our computers then and he always solved our issues.
Costas came in the next day, and after working for only 4 hours and with very little information and documentation, got our systems up and running. The systems were slow but they were up. Everybody was happy.
It took almost two months working hard to fix all the issues that we had. But we have been running well and we are not having computer issues any more. ExecuSoft Controls is monitoring our systems and doing a lot of the maintenance remotely. When we change a salesman they modify all his computer access, create his email address, and adjust our phone system to forward to the salesman’s cellphone remotely. They manage our phone system and make sure our information is backed up. I don’t have to worry about our computer systems any more. I recommend ExecuSoft Controls.”

Rusty Bowman,
General Manager
Speedway Ford
Griffin, Georgia

“We hired ExecuSoft Controls to move our computers from our old facility to our new facility. We are a high volume car repair facility and we could not be down, even for a day.  ExecuSoft met with us and we created a plan. ExecuSoft install all the wiring infrastructure on our new building. We started moving on Friday after closing and we were up and running in the new facility on Monday morning.
ExecuSoft also installed a surveillance system that puts me at ease. I can look what is happening in my business from anywhere on my IPhone. I can also review the recordings.
ExecuSoft monitors all our systems and if there is an issue they call and fix the issue remotely. They are fast and responsive when we call them with an issue. ExecuSoft Controls does a fantastic Job!” 

Theo Kazadzis,
Theo’s Automotive
Peachtree City GA

“This is my 30th year in practice.  There have been many changes in the practice of dentistry since my graduation in 1980.  If you were to ask the staff members that have been with me the longest what the biggest impact on my practice has been there would be two answers: First, the introduction of the computer driven office management system, and next the introduction of the digital x-ray system.  The computers for these systems were designed and built by ExecuSoft Controls.  ExecuSoft installed all of my software and continues to service and maintain my system.  I would have it no other way.

I’ve known Costas Soulakos, the owner, since 1983 when he had just recently graduated from Georgia Tech.  When we installed our digital x-ray system last year we needed 5 new computers.  I wanted Execusoft to build these computers just as they had built the originals.  The original computers still work; I just needed upgraded computers for the new operating systems and software.  I look forward to continuing to work with Costa and his staff at ExecuSoft and would recommend them highly.”

Dr. Angelo K.

“Well Tammy, after 9 technicians from Comcast, ExecuSoft's consultant was able to recognize the problem within minutes.  I told him he lowered my blood pressure after 11 weeks of torture from Comcast. He is great and I told him I would sing his praises to you.”

Thank you. Susan C.

“Thank you, Costas and Execusoft, so very much for the great introduction to SOHO and for all the patience you had during our training.  I came back and added it to my desktop favorites, and navigated a bit on the Memory Walk site to reinforce what we'd just gone over. I am plotting an approach to our owner next time he is here (probably early fall) to show him how we can profit from such a setup---in multiple ways. Again, thank you for giving us a window into how website magic is done.  I hope we can remember enough to add interest and support in and for the Walk!”

Elaine G.

"Our network systems are key to the successful operation of our business.  ExecuSoft has not only kept them up to date, but they are quick to respond to any issues, minimizing down time."

Mike G.