Our Approach

Step 1:Overall Assessment and Evaluation

Our specialists will assess and evaluate your current computer systems. Our 360 degree evaluation includes a thorough check of both hardware and software, backup effectiveness, spyware, and virus protection, internet connections, phone connections, and security. A written report is submitted with the assessment findings and corresponding recommendations for your system.

Step 2: Customized Planning and Implementation

The next step in the process is to develop a custom plan based on the findings during the assessment. Our specialists will share with you the latest technologies and programs that address your specific needs. We will outline investment requirements and create a schedule to help you reach your optimum computer operations.

Step 3: Routine Maintenance and Protection

We will create a customized checklist and a routine maintenance schedule to ensure your computer system continues to run smoothly. Included in this maintenance plan is the routine check of critical areas, assistance with new hardware and software evaluations, problem trouble-shooting, and end-user support.