Network Consulting Services

Network Design (LAN)

ExecuSoft Controls Inc will design and install network infrastructure for new customers or evaluate existing networks and recommend any appropriate upgrades or extensions. We will document and identify any shortfalls in existing networks and recommend improvements for equipment to increase security, reliability and speed. ExecuSoft charges for such services on an Hourly basis.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

ExecuSoft will design and recommend the equipment to connect multiple locations. This is for business customers that would like to extend their local area network to more than one location. We recommend telephone and data products that will improve the speed and decrease the cost of operating a wide area network.

Internet and Firewalls

Internet security is a real threat in today's business environment. ExecuSoft can safely configure your network to allow all stations access to the Internet while still protecting these stations from harmful outside threats. Stations can be protected from these threats by a high quality firewall which will block many threats before they can even reach your local network. ExecuSoft uses exclusively Sonic Walls, the #1 rated SMB firewall and  VPN appliance.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

ExecuSoft will configure your Network in a way that will allow secure access from home or any location. All you need to use this service is a connection to the Internet. This configuration is very useful for businesses that need to connect mobile users or have several locations of operation.

Enterprise Backup Solutions

Synchronize data from individual workstations to a central location where data is backed up on a daily basis. Employees can work with confidence that no matter what happens to their system the data is safe.