Business Services

Consulting and Contracting

ExecuSoft offers consulting and contracting services to help businesses in the automation process. Services include assessment and recommendation of the appropriate software and hardware to accomplish tasks such as accounting, inventory management, point of sale services, local and wide area networking, and many other types of business operations.

Custom Servers and Workstation PC's
ExecuSoft builds custom servers to your needs or specifications. The computers are built and then tested and burned for 48 hours. All components have a 1-year warranty from ExecuSoft Controls. The system’s software is then loaded to your specifications and needs. All equipment is made with Intel CPU's, Intel boards, and Intel chassis.

System Upgrades & Reconfiguration

ExecuSoft will assess and recommend upgrades for your current software and hardware. Data can be converted from older versions of accounting software or operating systems to newer versions without the worry of lost of data. We also make it a priority to accomplish this with the minimum interruption of your business operations. Costs of such services are charged on a per hour bases.

Variety of Options to Onsite Service Levels

Business customers can call for on site service at a cost of $125.00 per hour. A trip charge will be assessed if the customer is farther than 10 miles from Peachtree City. Business customers may also choose to sign up for prepaid service hours that are sold in increments of 10 hours at a discounted cost of $100.00 per hour.  Finally, all inclusive or a la cart fixed cost labor contracts are also available.